This quote one hears in the most racist places on the Earth as an excuse for their archaic morals. Trust me! However Let's agree to disagree here,

Novak Djokovic and Covid both highlighted Australian racism and narrow-minded society.

The #1 tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic was been granted…

You learn to love yourself when nobody is around

You may not know what is going to be like tomorrow, you may not know if you should stay or leave this country, you don’t know if you want to keep your day job and you don’t even know if you…

freedom. — poem

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Sagittarius will control your sex!
Scorpio will control your emotions!
Taurus will control your social!
Aries will control your money!
Cancer will control your memories!
Leo will control your independence!
Aquarius will control your madness!

Horoscope will control your perception of new people met.

Family controls your reputation,
Addiction controls your…

Shadow Work and Chakra Opening

Image by _Nini_ from Pixabay

It knocks at my window,
Vanity is outside in the cold,
Wandering around the Muladhara,
It’s getting blamed for all sorts of sins.

Jealousy is a fragile entity that deserves attention,
Creation doesn’t know any better
Than to hide in Svadishthana from the world,
Although it exists and it’s alive.

150 wonderful friends published 150 interesting stories

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As a sign of gratitude for my first 150 Followers on Medium, I passed the last week reading all your last stories published. I have learnt a lot and felt pleased to read such wonderful and different views on different topics. It gave me some inspiration for some future articles…

Fly with Courage, Strength and Freedom, just like an Eagle, baby

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Definition of Loneliness and Causes

Loneliness is a feeling and a thought of lacking a true and real connection. You can feel it while in inauthentic relationships and/or because of lacking the presence of other people.

Perhaps personal issues are preventing you from connecting…


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